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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Best Days of My Life Series - MIT First Year

Sometimes in the midst of all our day-to-day craziness we forget to stop and think about the happy times that we have been blessed with.

MIT First year was truely one of the best and craziest times of my life. My parents and family have access to this blog so there is no way I'm going into details :) The awesome 3some concerned will know :)
Before I came into college I pretty much had only one person I could call best friend and she still is my oldest best friend. When I got into MIT I was worried that I will not find any friends in college and I will be stuck all alone. But little did I know :) Touch wood!  Thanks for making my 4 years so memorable :) Here's to Girl Power!

  1. Vish and I start talking in class :)
  2. Veda and Vish find DB
  3. Uyirin Uyirae
  4. Vaseegara
  5. Dance :)
  6. Kutty sevuru (nejama it was a kutty servuru ) memories
  7. Sarah's samosas
  8. Matching colors
  9. Vish and veda morning walks before class (near canteen ;))
  10. Dramatic filmy fight  (Between S and P) - we never witnessed it only heard
  11. Movies, movies and more movies
  12. Blushing, blushing and more blushing
  13. To be continued......Feel free to suggesst stuff... Veda Vish and Sarah

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Things I should have learnt

  1. Don't judge anyone by your first instinct ( Veda, Vish, Kartik, Sriram)
  2. Some people are UNBELIEVABLE.
  3. You can never predict human minds, so quit trying.
  4. You'd rather be in a crowd where you are considered stupid, rather than in a crowd where you are surrounded by stupidity.
  5. Its OK! to like someone today, hate them tomorrow and like them the day after.
  6. Even if people around you think its unnecessary, its OK! to do the "right" thing.
  7. Sometimes people who are totally unrelated to you can brighten your mood (Vp's ex boss)
  8. If you have someone you can call up at 12:00 midnight to talk about your bad day, you are lucky ( I am)
  9. In group projects, you either have to have the guts to take the lead or be a slacker, no point being "worker bee".
  10. When you are completely frustrated, don't lose hope there is always a bigger frustration around the corner to help you forget this one :)
  11. You will always regret 90% of your decisions.
  12. There are some amazing truths in "Calvin and Hobbes".
  13. The unanswerable question "Whats the point?"
  14. I was happier when I was 2....
  15. Hard work gets you no where...(most of the time)
  16. Being nice gets you no where..(most of the time)
  17. At the end of most projects the person who works the most will be made to feel like crap..
  18. Always aim higher.. don't settle..
  19. Its OK! to think you're smart.
  20. You are going to turn cynical some day :)
  21. It is easy to waste time when you are upset.
  22. You have to get to a point where you take things in the stride.
  23. I am a hypocrite (sometimes)
  24. My 2 year old niece singing "All you boys, come on make some noish and say Om Shampi Om"... can erase out any bad day.
More to come......

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Normal Life of A 21 year old Female Indian Brahmin - Part 9

Isn’t that Amrutha?”

“Looks nothing like the girl I saw in Chennai, hmmm… so she can dress well”

“Don’t be rude”

“I am not, merely stating the obvious”

“What do you have against her?”

“Nothing at all. Why don’t you wave and catch her attention?

Krish tries to catch her attention but all in vain.

“Who is she looking at? “

“Well, it looks like she is walking straight towards the guy in the green t-shirt”

“Yea it does. Who the hell is he?”

“There is only one way to find out. Ask her”

“Come on. Let’s go meet them.”

They find Amrutha and the stranger in a hug.

“What the hell is going on?”

“Hi Krish Hi Trish”

“Hi. Start explaining”

“This is Vikranth. He is my boyfriend”


“He was my senior in college. Right now, he is doing his MBA in the same university I have an admit from.”

“This is surprising.”

“Don’t be too shocked Krish. I meant to tell you. Just didn’t find the right time.”

“Do you have a summer workshop at all?”

“No I don’t, I just wanted to be with him”

“Why the hell did you lie, Kuku?”

“I didn’t just omitted a few details”

“Are you going to be staying with him?”

“Yea, he does live alone, so it won’t be a problem”

Amrutha, does anyone know about this arrangement?”

“No. Please don’t tell anyone Krish

Krish, it’s not her fault. As soon as I get my MBA degree and land myself in a job, I will talk to her parents.”

“Well, I am not entirely convinced about you”

“Come on Krish. Give him a break. It was my decision to come here and be with him”

“It is up to you. But why didn’t you tell me. Had to drag myself out of bed on a weekend and drive an hour to reach here.”

“Sorry about the Krish. I did ask her to call you from Brussels, but she refused.”

Vikrant, I wanted to explain everything to Krish in person.

“Well, enough of this. Why don’t we get going? Amrutha must be tired”

“Trish is right. Let’s go. Amrutha got all your bags?”

“Yes I did. Vikranth give Krish your number.”

“Sure, Its 222-333-4444.Give me a call sometime Krish. I will talk to you in detail.”

“Yea sure and my number is 222-777-3333.Call me if you need anything.”

“Bye Krish, Bye Trish”



“Hey honey, why didn’t you tell Krish about us? It would have saved him a long drive”

“I already told you. I wanted to talk to him in person”

“Come on. We could have always invited him over for lunch and spoken to him about it.”

“I just wanted to talk to him as soon as I landed. Is it so hard to understand?”

“Trish didn’t look to happy about it.”

“Well, Trish is always annoyed.”

“That is interesting. Weren’t you the one who told me she was wonderful?”

“I changed my mind”

“Why may I ask?”

“It’s a long story, How about some other day?”


“Why don’t you call Krish up and invite him for dinner tomorrow? We can talk in leisure”

“No way, we can meet up next weekend. I want to have you all to myself for now.”

“Come on. What’s in a dinner?”

“What is wrong with you? Don’t you want to be with me?”

“Yes I do, but do I have to give up my friends?”

“I can’t believe this. We are arguing already.”


Amrutha, be reasonable. We just met today. You need to unpack and relax this weekend”


“Fine. Why don’t you call Krish? I am not allowed to use the phone when driving”

Amrutha picks up his phone and dials.

“Hey Trish Can I talk to Krish?”

“Sorry, He is driving”

“Oh. How about dinner? Tomorrow”

“Tomorrow? One second Amrutha

Trish presses on the mute button.

Krish, Amrutha is inviting us over for dinner tomorrow. What do I tell her?”

Hmmm… Just say no. It’s the only day I get to spend with you. Besides I have a meeting first thing Monday morning. Please, make up an excuse”

Trish presses on the mute button again.

“It’s not possible. We are going to Krish’s cousin’s place for lunch.”

“Well, I am asking about dinner.”

“Sorry Amrutha, I have no idea when we will be back. How about next weekend?”

“Will let you know. Talk to you later.”


“Trish, she refused the invite”

“I told you so.”

“How rude”


“She was so direct in refusing. Didn’t care for my feelings”

“Come on Amruth. Why are you taking this to heart?”

“Forget it. You won’t understand.”

Hmmm…. Why don’t you get some sleep? It’s going to be awhile before we reach home.”


The next day at the mall

Vikranth, you are crazy .Why did we have to drive an hour to get to this mall? Aren’t there any malls in our area?”

“This is the biggest in the state, wanted to bring you to the best.”

“How sweet let’s shop”

“I didn’t bring you here to shop. I brought you here so that you don’t fall asleep. Otherwise you won’t get over you jet lag”

“Shopping will keep me awake.”

“O.K. You are allowed one thing for  $10 or less”

“We’ll see. Where do we go first?”

“How about Macy’s? It’s a really nice chain. You will like it”


Just then

Vikranth, look over there”

“What is it?”

Doesn’t that woman look like Trish?”

“She does I guess. Don’t remember her very well.”

“She is Trish, which means she lied. They had no lunch invite”

“Give them a break Amrutha. It’s a white lie. They wanted to be alone. So what? They are newly married aren’t they?”

“How dare she lie to me?”

Amrutha, Please don’t get upset. I want you to have fun today. Let’s go to Macy’s”

“It is so irritating. Why should she lie?”

“How do you know it was her? Maybe Krish didn’t want to meet”

“No I know her. She did it”

Amrutha, hear yourself. You sound pathetic. Come on. We are going to have some fun. Let’s go”

“Sorry, didn’t mean to spoil your mood. Let’s go”

Amrutha was really hurt and angry. I can’t believe Trish lied. I will confront her about it someday.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Normal Life of A 21 year old Female Indian Brahmin - Part 8

Krish can you hear me?”

“Yep, what’s up?”

Amrutha had called”

“Yea, I know, I am talking to her now, will call you back”

“O.K, Bye”


Later that evening, Trisha hears the door open.



“Hi Krish

“How was your day?”

“O.K, What did Amrutha want?”

“Her cousin brother studies in the university here, Its about an hour away”

Bharath, Right? Does he not live with one of his uncles?”

“Yea he does, He apparently had a nose bleed and had to get to the hospital to get it to stop. She just wanted me to check on him personally”

“So you went to the hospital?”

“No. To his uncle’s. He was already discharged”

“How far is it?, You could have called me back to let me know”

“It is a hour and half away, and sorry for not calling”

Couldn’t she have got the info from her uncle?”

“Well her uncle told her there was nothing to worry about. But she wanted me to check anyway. It is her favorite cousin”

“It’s weird that she won’t take her uncle’s word”

“Hey don’t confuse yourself over it. It was no big deal”


“Won’t you do that for your friend, Tani?”

“Yea I would, but she would have taken her uncle’s word for it. Anyway, We can have dinner, whenever you are ready”


“I will just call Amrutha and let her know that everything is O.K”



“Hey Kuku, He is fine, Yea, Absolutely fine. Don’t worry, Yea Trish is doing great , just been 3 days, why don’t you ask her?”


“Trish, Kuku wants to talk to you?”


“Hi Amrutha

“Hi Trish, Am sorry about making Krish go all the way to my uncle’s. I was really worried about Bharath

“That’s O.K.”

“Hope you are not angry”

“Why would I be?’

“Thank you, Krish is the one I can depend on.”

“Am happy he was able to help you”

“O.K. Trish, Tell Krish I will call him later, Bye”



“Hey Trish, you look so dull, why don’t I take you out for ice-cream after dinner?”


A smile draws on Trisha’s face.


“Sounds great, where?”

“Let me surprise you”






“Did you call up anyone today?”

“Just Tani”

“My mom called me up on my cell, was wondering why you didn’t call her”

“I spoke to her on Saturday right?”

“Well I used to call them everyday”

“I have nothing to say to them everyday”

“How about alternate days? Just a hello would do”


“Hey, why are you upset now?”


“Hey you cook really well”

“I just used the instant Priya sambar mix”

“Well, even that requires some technique”

“Thank you”


“You cousin Priya called and invited us over for lunch this weekend”

“What did you say?”

“I said I would talk to you and let her know”

“This weekend won’t be possible”


Didn’t Amrutha tell you?”

“Tell me what?”

“That she has got an admit here?”


“Well she is coming this weekend, will stay with us for a week before heading off to her univ”

“She didn’t mention that and you didn’t either, She only told me she got an admit and will be here in a few MONTHS”

“I thought you already knew”

“No, I didn’t”

“Well, She is coming here do a summer workshop of sorts before she begins her course, Her Mom agreed to send her here only because I live close by”

“How far is her univ?”

“The same one as her cousin, so an hour and half away”

Hmm… so she won’t go to her uncle’s?"

"No she finds it awkward to live in relatives houses”

Krish , I really don’t understand Amrutha

“Well she is weird but am sure you will end up liking her a lot. Poor thing. She would do anything for me”

“She said the same thing”




“Get ready; let’s go for ice-cream”

“Suddenly I am not in the mood”

“Hey you can't do that to a sweet tooth like me”

“By the way are you even allowed ice-cream”

“In moderation”


“Come on. Let’s go. Please”

“O.K, O.K, Give me a min”


As she is changing, her thoughts wander. Is it all in my head or is there really something going on. I can’t help thinking crap.


“Trish, Hurry up!”


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Normal Life of A 21 year old Female Indian Brahmin - Part 7

Author's note: I guess the normal life is starting to turn a little abnormal.Really? . Reality is sometimes wierder than fantasy

Trishy wake up, you have to catch the first sight of the US. Its always special”

“Huh.. what?”

“wake up and look outside the window”

Just then.


“Passengers are requested to fasten their seat belts for landing”


“Wow its beautiful Krish , I was not able to see India from the sky since it was so dark”

“We will be home soon. Can’t wait to show you the apartment”


“Hey Amit, Kya haal hai?”


“Hi Krish, How are you man?”

“Trisha meet Amit Salve, my old roommate and this is Sri , he went to grad school with me”


 “Guys ready to get home??”

“Oh yea totally”


“Trisha wake up, don’t keep falling asleep”

“Sorry, I am really tired”


“You have to stay awake till night or you will never get over the jet lag”


“Hey Trish, look that’s our apartment”

A huge brown building came into view. It looked antique.

“It was a hotel in the 1800’s; the other side has a huge lawn space with lots of trees”

“Sounds great”


“Trisha, my wife Anita has made dinner for you guys. I have left it in your kitchen. Just heat it up and eat”

“Thank you Amit

Krish , tomorrow is our 2nd Anniversary and Anita thought it would be nice of all of us should go out for dinner. That is, is Trisha is O.K with it”

“Trish is it O.K?”

“Yea sure Amit, would love to meet Anita”

Ok then bye, will see you tomorrow, If you need anything give me a call”

“Bye and I will”


As soon as the door shuts close, Krish’s comes towards Trisha and hugs her.


“Wow, I am glad we are alone finally”

“Yea, we have a hectic 2 weeks”

“Yea we did. Why don’t we watch some tv and then we can have dinner and sleep”

“I think I will have a shower”

“Just a min. I will tell you how the pipes work here”


After a hour in the shower. Trisha walks in on Krish popping some pills.


“What are those Krish?”



“Why don’t you sit down and let me tell you?”

“You are making me nervous”

“A few months ago I was diagnosed with diabetes. I have to pop pills once day plus an injection”

“Why didn’t you mention it before?”

“No one knows Trish except my friends here”

“Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“Would you have said no to me if I had?”

“No, Krish, I wouldn’t have but I hate people lying to me, you know that”

“Technically I wasn’t lying “

“Yea right. I don’t think you would have ever told me”

“Trish I only wanted to  find the right moment”

“Forget it Krish, I feel really bad arguing with you on our first day alone”

“Trisha please don’t be mad”

“Leave me to my own means Krish, Let’s have dinner, I am really tired”



Next evening.


Someone seems to be in a good mood”

“A good night’s and day’s sleep revived me”

“Does that mean I am forgiven for yesterday?”

“Don’t bring that up now, I am in a good mood”

“Come on. It was stupid mistake. Remember I made you coffee and breakfast and lunch today”

“Yea you did. O.K ill forgive you for the time being”

“I will take that for now, Now hurry up or we will be late”


Next day.



“Hi….. Awesome. Was just waiting for your call”

“I said I would call didn’t I?”

“Yea you did, so how is the US?”

“Its really nice Tani, The first view from the flight was awesome”

“So what did you do all Sunday”

“Nothing much , went out for dinner for a anniversary treat”

“Cool.  How did it go?”

“Nice, I met Sri , Amit , Amit’s wife Anita , Neeraj , Neeraj’s girlfriend Nikitha and  Prabu

“Wow quite a lot of people. So did you drink?”

“Had a sip of wine because they wanted us all to toast with wine, for some reason”

“Liked it?”

“No. I didn’t”

“I had a cocktail called “sex on the beach “, during my last office party , It was nice”

“Tani, don’t turn into a drunkard”

“Was everybody nice to you?’

“Yea yea, but just that Anita and Nikitha were dressed so well, I looked like a fool next to them”

“Come on”

“I am serious, They were complete with beautiful hair and makeup and I wore my age old jeans with a kurta and had my hair up in a bun”

“Come on Trisha, you look beautiful anyway and Krish will agree”

“Yea Yea, Tani am getting a second call will call you back”




“Hello Trisha? , This is Priya, Krishna’s cousin , Mrs.Rama’s daughter, My number flashed right?”

“Hi Priya, Yea it did. Krish has it stored”

“Had a nice flight?”

“Yea I did, Thank you”

“I just called to say that since I live only a hour away, call me if you need anything”

“I will”

“Come home for lunch this Saturday”

“I will check with Krish and let you know Priya

“Yea sure no problem. OK then will talk to you later,Bye”



Just as Trish is about to dial Tani again, she gets another call and this time the display says “Unknown”. Trish not wanting to pick it up lets it go to a voice mail box.


Voice Message:

 Hi Krish I have been trying to call you on your cell phone about a 100 times. Please respond to my call. I need to talk to you.  Shit! I think I have reached your home phone. Trisha sorry if I disturbed you, Please ask Krish to call. This is  beep


Amrutha’s distinct voice echoed through the room.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Normal Life of A 21 year old Female Indian Brahmin - Part 6

Author's Note : Sorry for the delay. I was a little busy in between.  Sai, I have no idea how many parts there will be.

"Hey wake up"

"Hi Krish, good morning"

“Good Morning, So can we meet up today?”

“Sure. When and where?”

“How about around 12:30? You pick the place”

“We will meet at citi centre its on Radha Krishnan salai”

‘I have no idea about the place but I guess my cousin or my driver would probably know”


“Do you want me to pick you up?”

“No, I will meet you there”

“Great!  See you there”

“Krish, I have to talk to you about something important”

“WOW!  You sound serious. What’s up?”

“I will tell you about it in person, I have to go now, will see you at noon. Bye”



Trisha’s phone rings.


“Hello, who is this?”

“Trisha?? Ram here. Got your number from Amrutha”

“Hi Ram, what’s up?”

“I need to talk you”


“Please, I have been feeling terrible since that day. Give me chance to explain. Please”

“Ram, I am meeting Krish today. I will ask him myself”

“Please, Trish, Hear me out first.”

“O.K!  When do you want to meet me?”

“Today.. Now. How about “Mocha” in nungambakkam”

“OK I will meet you at 10:30”

“Thank you Trisha”


God, why are you making a  soap out my life?


“Amma I am meeting Krish at 12:30 at citi centre”

“Take the car”

“No , ill just take an auto. You might need it for your shopping”

“When will you leave?”

“Around 10:15. I have to meet another friend before that”

“O.K! Have fun”


Where is Ram? It’s almost 11:00. I want to meet Krish on time.

 “Hi Trish, Sorry was held up in traffic”

“That’s O.K. Just tell me what you have to say”

“I will make it short and sweet”

“Even better”

“Amrutha, Krish and I were part of a huge gang in Bombay. We were almost inseparable when we were young. It was one of tose summer holidays during college when all of us were reunited. There were so many parties on at that time and we wanted to freak out and have fun.  But, almost all the parties were couples only and since Krish, Amrutha and I were all single we decided it would be best if Krish and Amrutha go as a couple and Raadhika and I go as one. Raadhika was my cousin who lived in the same colony. It started as a necessity but soon Amrutha and Krish decided to stick with it even outside the party arena, just to see where it went. But by the end of the summer holidays they realized they could be nothing more than friends and parted on good terms”


“Ram, This seems like a pretty normal story. It happens. What is the big deal?”


“I have not finished my story Trisha. Hear me out”


“This happened when Krish came back from the US for the first time. All of  our parents had decided to go to Pune for a temple visit and we the younger generation refused to accompany them, Instead decided to have a drinking competition. “Who can drink the most and remain stable” We decided it would fun to egg on the girls and make them drink as well . We teased them to a point where they decided to join our competition. We started drinking and in two hours all of were out of our senses. I barely remember what happened that night. All I can recall is that Amrutha and Krish started kissing, I don’t know how it started or how it ended. I have no idea how I reached home either. The next day I met Krish and he told that he and Amrutha woke up on his couch. He didn’t remember what happened, but felt extremely guilty about it. He decided then and there he was going to marry her. I tried talking him out of it. I remember the scene like yesterday…


“Krish are you crazy? Talk to Amrutha first”

“Ram, I remember kissing her “

“You can’t get married because you kissed someone”

“Ram I don’t even remember what else happened. Anything could have happened”

“Krish don’t be a fool. You guys were fully clothed right? Nothing could have happened. You are talking in your guilt. First talk to Amrutha. What if she does not want to marry you?”

“I want to marry her. I can convince her”

“Krish I really don’t know what to say to you”

“Ram I really feel bad. How can I live like this? This incident will haunt me all my life. I can’t even imagine explaining this to some other girl”

“O.K!  Krish I am leaving this afternoon to Chennai. Do what you want, just don’t drag me into this stupidity”


Trisha before you start imaging things let me complete the story. After this incident, I went to Chennai, my dad got his VRS and my parents moved in with me. I never went back to Bombay again. The other day when I got a call from Amrutha after so many years with the news about Krish’s impending wedding, I was confused.  I should have known better than to blurt it out, I am sorry about that.”

“Ram, Thank you. I am getting late. I have to leave”

“Trisha ,Wait! Please, don’t be upset. I have more to say, the story is incomplete”

“Make it quick Ram”


“After Barista, I met Amrutha and asked her about Krish. She told me that after I left for Chennai, they spoke about it. She assured him nothing had happened and that she would’ve known if it had. By then Krish had calmed down, so they decided to move on and never mention it between them again.”


“Ram thank you for telling me all this. I have to leave now”

“Trisha, Krish is a really nice guy.  Give him sometime, he will definitely tell you about it. “

“O.K!  Bye Ram”



At Citi Centre Chennai.


“Krish am really sorry I’m late”

“That’s O.K, Let’s go to the food court and have something to drink”


“Nice food court. Spacious”

“Am sure you have bigger places in America

“Yea we do, so what did you want to ask me about?”

“Krish, your mom told me that she matched up Amrutha's horoscope with yours?”

“Oh that! Once during summer a long time ago we decided to be a couple so that we could get into parties.  Amma thought we were a couple for real and decided to get our horoscopes matched, but it didn’t work out.”


“Do you feel bad that it didn’t work out?”


“NO. We were always friends. Anyway I would have never met you then. I can’t imagine not being with you”


“Cut the crap. How long will you keep uttering these dialogs?”

“As long as it can put a smile on your face’


“Krish , you are crazy”


“I am, for you”


“Krish are you sure nothing else happened between you guys?”


“Trish, Amrutha and I were only friends. Let’s not waste time talking about her. There is a movie on at 1:30. Lets go  and watch that. Long since I saw a Tamil movie”


“O.K let’s go”




At Tania’s house.


“Hello Trisha, Come in’

“Hi! Mrs Jamal, is Tani at home?”

“Surprisingly she is”

“Thank you aunt, I just needed to talk to her about the beauty parlor”

“Sure, she is in her room. Are the rest of the preparations over?”


“Going on Aunty”

‘Very good. If your mom needs any help ask her to give me a call”

‘Sure Aunty”


“Hi Trish, come lets go to my room”


As the door shut close.


“You sounded terrible on the phone, what happened?”


“I had a crazy day Tani, I met Ram “

“Krish’s friend Ram”

“Yea him, It was like this …………………………………………………………………………… . Now I don’t know what to do. Why didn’t  Krish tell  me the truth?”


“Trish, You are being unfair to Krish. He has just met you how do you expect him to tell you everything”

 “I am going to marry him Tani. I have been speaking to him for the past few weeks”

 “Trish you guys are getting to know each other. If you knew each other well, you would have never gone and met Ram”

 “Tani I was curious. Who wouldn’t be?”

 “Krish as far as I know seems nice.  From what you tell me he seems attentive to you and what you feel and frankly I don’t think I completely trust Ram”

 “Why not?”


“Because, Ram should have gone and told Krish about what happened in Barista and let him handle the situation. Why did he want to meet you and tell you about it? Especially when you said you were going to ask Krish about it?”


“Tani, why should Ram tell Krish? Amrutha could  have told Krish about it right? “


“I think you should give him time. Krish and Amrutha are still friends and Amrutha still speaks so highly off Krish. Maybe it was juts a mistake Trish. A mistake he is ashamed of”


“How much time? I am getting married in a week.”


“Trish, can you guarantee that the next guy along the line will be better?”


“Tani “

“Trish, listen to me. I think Krish is a nice guy. He will keep you happy just give him a chance. For all you know this Amrutha matter is probably well in his past and he does not want to talk about it and ruin what he has with you”


“Tani I need to go home now”


“Trish, are you angry he kissed her or that he didn’t tell you the truth?”


“I don’t know.”


“If you are angry that he kissed her, give him a break it was just a kiss. And if it because of the truth issue , juts give him time, he will come around”


 “Trish, don’t confuse your-self too much. Your first instinctive feeling about Krish was positive, just believe in it.”

 “O.K bye”

 Just as Trish enters home.


“Where have you been?  Krish told us you left citi centre and hours ago. Why didn’t you pick up my call?”


“Sorry, went to meet Tani and lost track of time, I am really tired, I am going to bed”


The next morning...


Sleeping on it really worked. I am going to trust Krish. I am a good judge of character and I can’t be that off with Krish .I am going to forget about Amrutha for now and enjoy my time as to be bride. Whatever was in the past I am going to let it stay there, for now. I am going to give the benefit of doubt. I am going to give him time. Amrutha and Krish are on excellent terms , that should be an indicator for me.


“Trisha, Can I come in? I have something for you”


“Sure Mom”


“This came from Krishna, I will leave it here”


There was a huge chocolate box. The gift label read: ” You seemed dull yesterday, I am sorry If I did something wrong. I hope you are not regretting saying “Yes”. I would have sent you roses but I knew this would convince you better. I am a really nice guy.  Give me another chance .Not because you have to (arranged marriage and stuff) but because you want to. “

PS: I wish I could see the smile on your face.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Normal Life of A 21 year old Female Indian Brahmin - Part 5

“Oh my god”

“Hi Ram, How are you?”

“Trisha, I can explain. Ram is a little confused”

Just then Trisha’s phone rings.

“Hello, Oh Shit!  Is Amma OK? Yea, I am coming right now”

“Amrutha and Ram, I have to go now, my mom fell down and sprained her back. Nothing serious but they want the car back so that they can take her to the hospital and get her checked. Can I drop you off somewhere, Amrutha?”

“No Trisha, Ill ask Ram to drop me off. Can we meet sometime later? I really have to explain.”

“Well I don’t know. Ill let you know”

“It’s really important and you can even ask Krishna about it. He will tell you”

“I will Ok! then bye. Take care”


Later that night…


“Pa, Is Amma asleep?”

“Yes, I am sorry you had to rush back today. She was crying with pain and I got really scared”

“Please don’t say that. Am glad it was only a bad sprain and nothing else”

“Go get some sleep. Tomorrow is a big day for you.”

“Don’t stay up all night dad”

“Good night”


Trisha went up to her room and called Tanya.


“Hey Tani”

“Trish, what’s up? “

“Nothing, just called to say hi”

“At 11:00 in night. Am sorry I had a really bad day. Can we talk tomorrow?”

“Yea sure”

“You are OK! Right?”

“Yea I am fine. Good night”


What do I do now? Sorry Mom but I really hope you hadn’t fallen down. I really want to know what went on between Krish and Amrutha. She seems fine so hopefully Ram was one who was confused. I can’t go out and meet anyone after today, they will go crazy. I think I should just ask Krish outright. After all we are going to spend the rest of our lives together.Yea. That’s what Ill do. Just 22 hours more.


“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Anand”

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Raman”

“Trisha, you look gorgeous. This colour really suits you”

“Thank you Amma”

“Are you excited?”

“Of course She is. Infact all of us are”

“Don’t worry Mrs.Anand. Krishna is a good person and he looks exactly like his photograph.”


“Trisha. This bouquet looks  beautiful.”

“We bought it on our way here .Its for Krishna” said Mr. Anand.

“I figured.”


Just then Lufthansa 00:30 landed .


“In half an hour passengers will start coming out” said Mr.Raman

“Really! Should we go wait near the entrance”.

“No Mr. Anand. It too crowded. Krishna will find us”

“The Last time we came back from the US , the immigration took us almost 12 hours”

“Oh Really!  Mrs. Raman. Don’t they have many counters?”

“They have about 10. But in New York they have about 25 counters. The staff there are so efficient ……………………………………………


Trish decided to tune herself out. In reality, She was tensed (just that bit). I am going to marry a guy I meet a week before the wedding and her thoughts trailed away…till someone shouted


“Hey Krishna’s here”


Trisha looked in the direction everyone else was looking. There was Krishna. In a white, shirt jeans and two day stubble.


Krishna meet your in-laws”

“This is Mrs. Srija Anand and this is Mr. Anand”

“Hello , Its good to see you both”

“Its good to see you too Krishna. We have been eagerly waiting to meet you all these days”

“Hope you are not disappointed”

“Of course not. We couldn't have found someone better”

“I think we will let you talk to Trisha”


He looks good for a guy whose been on the plane for about 20 hours. Actually he looks really good. The photos don’t do justice to him. Full marks for first impression.


Krishna, meet Trisha”

“Trisha meet Krishna



Mrs.Anand whispering “Give him the bouquet”

“Hi Krishna, These are for you.”

“Wow they look beautiful .I have something for you as well”

“Ferrero Rocher ,Thank you. I love chocolates”

“Simply following Amma’s strict orders. Thank her”

“Why don’t the two of you walk towards the car. You can get sometime to talk. We will get the bags”

“Ok Amma.Hmm… So how was your flight?”

“The first leg was OK. A lot of turbulence while flying over London. Second leg was good. So how have you been?”

 “Good. Busy shopping and stuff”

“Amma was telling me all about it. Lots of family bonding”

“Well Yea”

“Any of your friends coming down for the wedding?”

“Not really. All of them have marriage plans this year so saving up their vacation”

“Oh. Wow. Are you the first one to get married?”


“Well no. I am the  ...” It was cut short by the Mrs.Raman’s voice

“Krish stop right there. That’s our car.”

“OK Trish, Ill see you tomorrow. Hopefully I will be out of jet lag”

“Hopefully. Sleep well. We can meet whenever you’re feeling fine.

“9041469194, that’s your number right?”

“Wow you remember? “

“Yea I am good with numbers. Ill call you”

“OK bye, bye Amma and Appa”

“Bye Mr. and Mrs. Anand”

“You can call us Aunt and Uncle”

“OK sure. Bye”


As Trisha was getting ready for bed., Her phone vibrated.


Who is Sms-ing at this time?” I don’t even know the number.


Hi Trish, Krish here.

This is my dad’s number.

I will use it for the

 rest of my time in India.


Hi Krish. Wats up?


5 min later.


Nothing much. Not

sleepy. Btw. You looked

unbelievable today.



Thank u. u did’t look

So bd u’re self.

5 min later.


The minute I looked at you

, I wanted to say YooHoo.

I got lucky J. I could’ve

kissed you.


Yea rite. As If I woud’ve

let u. y r u taking 5 min rply


5 min later


Sorry not used

to smsing.The keypad is

really bad. Call?


No. Cousin sleeping

next to me. Just Sms.


5 min later.


What plans tomorrow?

Can we go out?


Sure were? Wen?


5 min later


After 12:00 noon. Promised

 Mom I would stay home to eat.

The were, is up to you.


Ok. Call me tmrw.

Will tink of someplace.

Wat else?


5 min later.


Nothing much. I will brb. Loo.




God am sleepy. I think will close my eyes for a few minuter. My cell will vibrate anyway; will keep it under my pillow. I should remember to ask him about Amrutha tomorrow.


Hey Trish you there?





Guess you have fallen asleep.

 Will call tomorrow