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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Best Days of My Life Series - MIT First Year

Sometimes in the midst of all our day-to-day craziness we forget to stop and think about the happy times that we have been blessed with.

MIT First year was truely one of the best and craziest times of my life. My parents and family have access to this blog so there is no way I'm going into details :) The awesome 3some concerned will know :)
Before I came into college I pretty much had only one person I could call best friend and she still is my oldest best friend. When I got into MIT I was worried that I will not find any friends in college and I will be stuck all alone. But little did I know :) Touch wood!  Thanks for making my 4 years so memorable :) Here's to Girl Power!

  1. Vish and I start talking in class :)
  2. Veda and Vish find DB
  3. Uyirin Uyirae
  4. Vaseegara
  5. Dance :)
  6. Kutty sevuru (nejama it was a kutty servuru ) memories
  7. Sarah's samosas
  8. Matching colors
  9. Vish and veda morning walks before class (near canteen ;))
  10. Dramatic filmy fight  (Between S and P) - we never witnessed it only heard
  11. Movies, movies and more movies
  12. Blushing, blushing and more blushing
  13. To be continued......Feel free to suggesst stuff... Veda Vish and Sarah


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